Probelms Solved (Re: AbiWord doesn't start)

Subject: Probelms Solved (Re: AbiWord doesn't start)
From: Kevin Oleksy (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 18:13:00 CST

It took me about a half-hour of thinking and looking over the meager Faq
on the website, but finally I figured it out. I was looking throught
the faq, and happened to look at the answer to "Do TrueType fonts work"
and It mentions that Abiword uses only Type1 fonts. And as such, I
immediately thought to myself, Does my xfs support Type1 fonts? The
answer, a momentary 'no'. For all I had to do was insert the module
(I'm using Xfree 4.02) and now it works great. Thanks for the help and


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