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From: Lee Harr (
Date: Sun Jan 19 2003 - 00:53:57 EST

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    This may be related to a bug in an older version, but maybe
    someone can help me work around this...

    Sometimes abiword gets in to a weird mode
    where characters typed overwrite instead of
    pushing other text out of the way.

    I have not noticed this lately (1.0.3 on Windows98) but I
    recently went to open an older document and it was acting
    funny again.

    I looked all over for an "insert mode" menu, but I could not
    find it.

    I tried copying/pasting the text in to a new document, but
    the new doc acted the same way. I was thinking I would try
    saving to plain text & reopening in a new doc, but I have not
    had a chance to try that yet.

    I tried to look it up in bugzilla, but
    is having DNS issues. I am not getting any response.

    Any hints appreciated.

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