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From: Lee Harr (
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 00:59:50 EST

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    >>Hit the "Insert" key on your keyboard again. On my
    >>keyboard, it's above "Delete" and to the left of
    >It seems like this happens to just about everyone at least once (and from
    >then on you are duty bound to help and explain it to anyone else in the
    >same situation, as i have done many times)
    >The status bar shows either INS or OVR to show which mode you are in,
    >although i dont think that is really much use.
    >Please take a look at my suggestions here and I would love to see what you

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to get to at all. The name does not resolve.

    I guess I feel pretty dumb about this "insert" key thing. Been
    using computers for 20+ years and never ran up against that one

    I guess it would not hurt to have an "Edit --> Insert Mode"
    menu option, with the "insert" hot-key spelled out, would it?

    Seems like maybe this is a sore point...

    I really like AbiWord, and recommend it to all of my students and
    co-workers. It is installed on all of the computers in our lab
    (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD) and it does everything we need it to do.

    The only problem I run in to is that when there is any problem at
    all, people tend to blame the program ("Why don't we just run Word")
    rather than just figure out how to do what they need in AbiWord
    and move on.

    BTW, I read the AbiWord manual, and FAQ, searched Google and tried
    to get to bugzilla, before finally joining the mailing list and
    posting my question here. I wonder how many people hit this same
    problem, blamed AbiWord, and went back to whatever word processor
    they had before....

    After you spend a couple hundred $ on Word, you do not abandon it
    if things get wonky. You download a free copy of AbiWord and you
    are much less attached to it.

    I'd say that if Word does not have an "Insert / Overwrite" menu
    option either, then this is just one more area where AbiWord can
    be better than Word.

    Thank you for your time.

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