Re: insert / overwrite mode

Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 01:22:49 EST

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       I would hazard a guess that people don't put it into
    overwrite mode on purpose very often. So if it's in
    overwrite mode, it's probably an error. Given this,
    I think it makes sense to consider various ways of
    making it extremely obvious what the situation is.

      We programmers are accustomed to using confirmation
    dialogs or anything like that with something like this,
    but when I've done so users seem to like it. For example,
    one program I wrote has an extensive options dialog
    and people often leave it open and change options as
    they work. They'd forget to hit "Apply", so now the
    "OK" and "Apply" buttons start flashing when you change
    something and continue to flash until you choose
    OK, Apply, or Cancel. It looks kind of goofy to me, but
    users love it. Perhaps a big red icon at the upper left near
    the tab adjust. I'd use a red icon that looked like the
    insert key. Or perhaps a confirmation message when
    you hit insert or start Abiword with overwrite on.

    On Mon, 20 Jan 2003 05:59:50 +0000, Lee Harr said:

    > >>Hit the "Insert" key on your keyboard again. On my
    > >>keyboard, it's above "Delete" and to the left of
    > >>"Home".
    > >
    > >It seems like this happens to just about everyone at least once (and from
    > >then on you are duty bound to help and explain it to anyone else in the
    > >same situation, as i have done many times)
    > >
    > >The status bar shows either INS or OVR to show which mode you are in,
    > >although i dont think that is really much use.
    > >
    > >Please take a look at my suggestions here and I would love to see what you
    > >think.
    > >

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