Re: 1.1.3 intermittent crashes + tables

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 21:33:40 EST

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    HI Petter,
            Thanks very much for testing abiword. I'll look into the delete
    table crashes since they appear easily reproducible. I haven't crashed
    abiword wiith tables for some time so I very much appreciate people
    kicking the tires and reporting bugs. Please take the time to full out
    bugzilla and if you possibly can please try to find reproducible bugs.
    Even if you say keep resizing the doc until abiword crashes is a big help.



    On 26 Jan 2003, Petter Isaksson wrote:

    > Hi!
    > Debian unstable, x86, X4.2.1.1, kernel 2.4.18
    > I downloaded and compiled abiword 1.1.3 from CVS. Nothing special, just:
    > ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
    > I'm experiencing som intermittent crashes when working with tables and
    > sometimes when resizing the window. I've not yet found the exact way to
    > replicate the crashes, but what I've done most of the times is some
    > combination of:
    > * Changing fonts (from "(null)" to "Arial")
    > * Writing some text
    > * Spell checking
    > * Marking all text and selecting language
    > * Spell checking again
    > * Resizing window
    > * Inserting table, adding some text to it
    > * Resizing columns of table
    > * Double-click on table, table frame etc.
    > * Highlighting + deleting table
    > It sometimes crashes when resizing the window or when double-clicking in
    > the table. It will crash everytime I delete a table. Is this known
    > behaviour?
    > I saw that bug #3452 dealt with table crashes, but for earlier versions.
    > Should I file a new bug? Do you want me to ./configure --enable-debug?
    > I did not see a resizing window + crash-keyword bug, should I add one?
    > (Btw, is the "(null)" font normal? :)
    > Regards,
    > - Petter

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