RE: Selection or Deletion

From: Ina Minerva Ish (
Date: Sun Oct 12 2003 - 17:05:18 EDT

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    Hi all,
    I am having a problem with my Abiword application. I run under Gnu
    /Linux testing 2.4.18 release.

    What I have been experiencing : when composing a document using Normal,
    or Plain Text styles - if I catch an error and go back, select the
    character I want to change ( or the word for that matter) delete or
    backspace the error- what the program does is delete the word or
    characters directly to the right of the selected and deleted error. I
    have tried all I know to stop this- turned off spell check, tried to
    make the application as 'manual' as I can but the problem persists. Has
    anybody run into this and if so has anybody got a 'fix' for it?

    Thank you,


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