abiWord under ODIN in an OS/2 environment

From: Stan Goodman (sgoodman@hashkedim.com)
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 09:24:49 EDT

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    I have installed the Windows release of abiWord v1.99.6 under ODIN in an OS/2
    v4/52 partition of a desktop machine. (ODIN is a simulated Win32 environment
    which runs under OS/2). Friends have informed me that they have done this
    successfully. which is why I chose abiWord for my own needs. I myself have
    another Win32 application installed in the same way, and it works properly.

    abiWord did install without complaint, once I gave it the MSVCRT.DLL file that
    it complained it couldn't find. I accepted the default choice of installation
    directory, so that its directory structure is under the "C:\Program files"
    directory pre-existing in ODIN.

    When I run it, it loads and is displayed *almost* completely correctly. What is
    missing is that the Font-choice window is empty, and that typing into the main
    text window produces no result at all.

    There is another problem in connection with the Preferences notebook: This
    window opens, and I can set various options in it, although some options are,
    strangely greyed out. The real problem is that, once opened, the notebook
    cannot be closed, except by rebooting.

    What is clear is that the underlying problem can't be dismissed as
    incompatibility of abiWord with the ODIN-OS/2 combination, since this
    installation has been accomplished by others. What I am asking, therefore, is
    comments on what the two visible problems described above suggest in the way of
    their cause.

    Stan Goodman
    Qiryat Tiv'on

    Ceteram, censeo Arafat esse delandam (with apology to Cato the Elder)

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