Re: Re[2]: saving as text

From: Peter Jacobi (
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 06:33:57 EDT

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    Dear Alan, All,

    > You missed my point. Consider the xhtml document below. It
    > contains a couple entities for which there are pretty
    > standard substitutes. (Normal quote for “ the
    > consecutive hyphens for —)

    Wheras using HTML entities seems natural for you, Mathematicans and
    other heavy users of TeX may want to see TeX digraphs/trigraphs,
    those grown up with ViM would like ViM digraphs, weirdos who
    keep themselves amused by memorizing UNICODE may want
    U+1234 notation etc, etc.

    As is often rightly said, the good thing of standards is, that there are
    so many of them.

    I would agree with you, if Abiword would have sort of modes, then in HTML
    mode HTML entitities would be wise choice. But only then.

    Peter Jacobi

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