Re: macrons

From: Jason Barillaro <>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 05:37:54 CEST


Thanks for the prompt and informative response. You helped to clarify a
few important points. I hope this additional information helps.

The insert symbol option does work, but can be time consuming, which is an
issue when I am preparing worksheets and translations. Overline, as you
stated, doesn't quite look appropriate.

The keyman program I am using can be downloaded for free at - but I would use the packaged version with Maori
keyboard. It can be downloaded at

The standard version of the program does work according to instruction
with MSWord and OpenOffice.

The Maori fonts which I use can be found here:

This collection of fonts and software allows me to type "[" followed by
any vowel to receive the vowel with the macron.

You are the experts here... Tavultesoft states that the keyman program is
used to remap character keys according to the font. Is it possible that
the built in Character Map function of AbiWord could conflict with this in
some way?

Also, when cutting and pasting documents with macrons from OpenOffice to
AbiWord - the macrons then appear as umlauts (the double dot over a vowel).

I have also contacted support at Tavultesoft and Maorispellchecker
according to your advise.

Thanks again for your effort.


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