"Set Language" not sticking

From: <lcoakley_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Oct 10 2004 - 11:00:14 CEST

Hi there,

I have just downloaded AbiWord with the optional
dictionaries "en-GB English(GB)"; however when I go
under Tools to Set Language, and select English (UK)
and then OK it, AbiWord only remembers the setting for
the document I am presently working in. When I open up
another document I must once again change the setting
from English (US) to English (UK).

I have tried changing the setting to what I require,
closing down AbiWord, and then re-opening it, but it
always defaults back to English (US).

How do I get AbiWord to remember the Language as set
by user so that it sticks and holds until the user so
chooses to change it?

Thanks for any and all helps.


I am using Windows 98SE; AbiWord Version 2.0.12; and
have downloaded it from this site: http://voxel.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/abiword/abiword-setup-2.0.12.exe

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