Re: Installation Abiword

From: <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 2004 - 19:56:36 CEST

v21 wrote:
> Many thanks for prompt attention. The replies to your q uestions are as
> follows:
> Version downloaded within last four days was 2.0.11. I have uninstalled and
> then re-installed.
> I have not downloaded any plug-ins.
> After completing the Setup wizard and running the application, a document
> entitled "Release Notes " appears but is immediately and partially eclipsed
> by a smaller panel/icon with the words "Abiword.......wordprocessing for
> everyone". Then it just hangs.
> Regards
> John McGarry

Unfortunately, I'm not sure why AbiWord is hanging after displaying the
splash screen, nor have I read any other reports detailing a similar
problem. Do you think you'd be able to give 2.0.12 a try
  There were a few fixes in that release, and it may just fix the
problem you're having. Before installing it, please uninstall 2.0.11
completely, making sure to delete your AbiSuite2 directory (it's
normally located at C:\Program Files\, but may differ depending on
custom installation selections).

If that fails to work, I have a few more questions that will hopefully
allow us to narrow this down:

1) Did you install 2.0.11 over another version of AbiWord? or was this
your first time using it?

2) Does AbiWord hang when starting it from the start menu or another
shortcut? or does it only hang right after installation?

3) Have you had trouble like this with any other programs?

Since this doesn't seem to be a known issue, it's hard to know what
exactly is causing the problem; however incorrect entries in
AbiWord.Profile have been known to cause problems in the past. So, if
upgrading to 2.0.12 doesn't fix the hang, you may want to try deleting
your AbiWord.Profile and then trying to run the program again (just do a
search for *.profile files on your local hard drive). Hopefully one of
the preceding steps will fix the hang, but if not, it may be an unknown
bug or something unique to your system. Let us know how it works out
for you, thanks.
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