barbarism file

From: Don Taber <>
Date: Wed Oct 13 2004 - 15:25:40 CEST

I just built abiword 2.0.12 from source according to instructions in the
docs/build directory. It always crashed, so I enabled debugging and found the

DEBUG: Could not open file /usr/share/AbiSuite-2.0/dictionary/en-US-barbarism.xml

Abiword runs fine if I disable automatic spell-checking. But, of course, I have
no funcitonal spell checker. I found some vague allusions to barbarism
files in the mailing list archive, but can't find the file.

What are the barbarism files all about?

Where do I get the missing en-US-barbarism.xml I seem to lack?

Is there something else I'm doing wrong? I can't imagine I'm the first
to encounter this problem. Maybe another UNIX-FAQ is in order.


Don Taber
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