Re: Can't print to CutePDF from 2.2.7 under WinMe

From: Grant Edwards <>
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 07:50:13 CEST

> I have a CutePDF-Writer "printer driver" installed so that I
> can print documents to PDF files. The printer works fine from
> other apps (e.g. Firefox, IE, OpenOffice, etc.): I'm prompted
> with a "save as" dialog box for the output file and the PDF
> file is created as desired.
> However, printing to that printer under AbiWord doesn't work.
> It just generates a file named "CPW2" containing postscript (not
> PDF).

After uninstalling CutePDF and installing PDFCreator, I get the
same results.

All other apps can print to the PDFCreator printer (which is
using the device named "PDFCreator:"). When I try to print to
that printer using Abiword, I just end up with a file named
"PDFCreator" with unconverted postscript in it.

Grant Edwards
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