Re: Accessing MS Word

From: r coyne <>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 03:45:15 CEST

Oh, sorry, I hadn't noticed the error message with the
bit about ltkrn13n.dll . If that's the only missing
file, this shouldn't be too hard, because it's

I took a quick look at the Microsoft Knowledge Base
article your HP guy mentioned. Be reassured it's not
just you; MS does not write very clearly. If you
really have to do all that, it will be a hassle, but I
doubt it's necessary. MS is trying to cover all
bases; they are assuming (the possibility of) a really
screwed up installation of Works. But that is
unlikely here, since yours used to work; probably
Office only broke a little piece of it, namely
ltkrn13n.dll . So it may well suffice to replace

If I'm guessing right, either Works and Office use two
different and incompatible versions of the DLL, and
Office replaced the old one with its own pet, thus
breaking the other program that needs the other
version, or Office, upon departure from your life,
removed the DLL, stupidly not realizing other programs
needed it. Either way, copying the (right) DLL to the
right place will likely solve your problem.

Do you still have the CD (or whatever) the Office
trial came on? If so, it ought to have ltkrn13n.dll
on it; after all, if it needs it, it's only nice to
supply it. So maybe you can copy it from there;
though that will only work if it's the same/right
version. Failing that, I did a Google search on
ltkern13n.dll , and the very first item was a "here
you can download" site, namely
. They supply it zipped, but if you're not up to
downloading and unzipping it, I could do that for you
and email the DLL to you as an attachment. On a brief
glance I noticed nothing about different versions, so
I'd guess there's only the one, meaning this probably
won't be too hard; and also meaning that if you've got
it on an Office (or HP) disk, it's probably the right
file after all, removed rather than overwritten.

Courage! Don't let the geek stuff throw you off. The
basic idea of computers is to accomplish complicated
tasks by doing a long series of tiny, easy, stupid
little steps. If you only glance at a page (or three)
of instructions, it seems incomprehensible, but if you
  follow those instructions step by step (assuming
they're decently written, which, as I said, is not
guaranteed), each one isn't too bad, and if you just
keep plowing away at it, eventually you're done, and
the job is done, and it wasn't as hard as it looked.
This sort of thing is a nuisance, not an
impossibility, even for a novice.

So the first step is to dig up the CD on which HP or
whoever sent you the Office trial, and do a Start >
Find > Files on it, looking for ltkrn13n .

--- Roy Cave <> wrote:
> Hey guys... you forget that I'm not only a computer
> dummy, I'm
> absolutely lost in the web of info that you have so
> eloquently
> provided. And, now I'm probably in deeper than
> before, because I
> contacted HP for help last night and was told to
> follow instructions
> (#@%&). It included removing MS works, which I did,
> but then I bogged
> down in geek talk and just gave up. I looked for
> the Works CD for the
> third time to no avail, but I do have an old Works
> 2000 CD in case that
> will be of any later help.
> At the risk of being intrusive, and imposing, I'll
> paste in the email
> and link I was given, just in case it makes sense to
> anyone. Oh, how
> easy it was when I used a typewriter and counted on
> my fingers!
> Many thanks!
> Dear Roy,
> Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.
> I understand that you could not utilize the
> Microsoft works application
> after the removal of the trial version of the
> Microsoft office 2000.
> Also, I see that you receive the error message
> stating that the
> application could not be started because the
> ltkrn13n.dll was not found.
> The issue is caused because the uninstallation of
> the Microsoft trial
> version has corrupted or deleted the some of the
> Microsoft works
> files.
> The Presario is shipped with the Microsoft Works 7.0
> with Student &
> Teacher Edition CD and I believe that you will be
> currently having
> that with you now.
> The issue can be resolved by reinstalling the
> Microsoft Works again.
> Please visit the following Microsoft Web site for
> the detailed
> information about troubleshooting the issue:
> Please follow the steps given the article and you no
> longer face this
> issue again. If you need further assistance, please
> reply to this message and we will be happy to assist
> you further.
> You may receive an e-mail survey regarding your
> e-mail support
> experience. We would appreciate your feedback.
> Regards,
> Merlin
> HP Total Care
> r coyne wrote:
> >Addendum to previous post:
> >
> >I don't suppose there's still a program icon
> (symbolic
> >link) on the Desktop for the Works WP program?
> Even
> >that might have been a bit much for Office to
> wreck.
> >If there is, just check its Properties for the file
> it
> >links to. Even if there's none for the WP portion
> >specifically, if there's an icon for Works in
> general,
> >that will tell you where Works stores its main
> files,
> >where to start hunting for promising-looking
> >filenames. Or if there's nothing on the Desktop,
> how
> >about the Start menu?
> >
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