Two questions - Help files and smooth scrolling

From: Christine F. Maxwell <>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 05:09:36 CEST

     I've been using AbiWord for a while, and have been quite happy with it.
I like the basic feature set, and the smaller cpu and memory footprint than
other word processing options on *nix seem to have. I only really have two
issues that I have just exhausted my resources for checking on, so I thought I
would ask here... I apologize if the answers are obvious and I've just
overlooked them somewhere...

     My first question is about the documentation... am I simply reading it
wrong, or are the helpfiles linked to from the help button in the program
simply wrong about some major things? For example it says that the
preferences dialog is found in the tools menu
(, and that it
has four tabs..Toolbars, Spelling, Layout, and Preference Schemes
yet in the last three versions I've used (and I just upgraded from 2.2.5 to
2.2.7), the preferences dialog is in the edit menu, and has three options...
General, Documents, and Spell Checking. Am I simply confused, or is this a
known problem? If so, are there any reliable sources of documentation for
this lovely program?

     My second question is about the smooth scrolling. This is actually what
caused me to discover the problem in my first question. Is there a way to
turn off smooth scrolling? None of the menus or dialogs I can reach seem to
list smooth scrolling, and I can't find any documentation, aside from that
mentioned in the first problem, regarding it. It's becoming a very annoying
problem for me, as it freezes AbiWord when scrolling quickly past a large
piece of text (5 or 10 pages). If I have to I'll dig through the source code,
and try to change it to default to off there, but that would be a last resort.

     Thank you in advance for any help on either of these issues...

- Christine

     The website says that I should provide this information, so here it is :)
I am using Fedora Core 3, current version of AbiWord is 2.2.7, and I have
tried both the FC3 rpm's linked from the Abisource website, and have tried
compiling from source...
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