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If you are just starting out with AbiWord you will need to get the latest development version of the source code with this command.

 svn co abiword

Once you have a commit access to AbiWord you use subversion to get the main tree and plugins with this command (where "<username>" is you svn access name):

 svn co svn+ssh://<username> abiword

If you need to get the 2.8 branch do:

 svn co svn+ssh://<username> abiword-2.8

If you need to get the 2.6 branch do:

 svn co svn+ssh://<username> abiword-2.6   
 svn co svn+ssh://<username> abiword-plugins-2.6 

After the 2.6 branch the plugins have been integrated into the main build system.

For Fedora developers you need a few extra packages on top of the Workstation installation. First:

 dnf update
 dnf install dnf-plugins-core

Then install the build dependencies for abiword. There are a lot of these! However they're rolled up in the following dnf command:

 dnf builddep abiword

You also need the following *-devel packages:

 dnf install libabiword-devel

You also need the "autoconf-archive" package to build the "configure" script

 dnf install autoconf-archive

Now you can build the configure script with:


Now you can use the "configure" script to build abiword with as many plugins as you want

My favourite way to configure abiword is to do the following in a directory parallel to the abiword source:

mkdir build-debug
mkdir build-nodebug
cd build-debug
NOCONFIGURE=1 ../abiword/
../abiword/configure --prefix="/home/msevior/abidir" --enable-debug --enable-plugins="collab abicommand presentation aiksaurus mathview gimp google latex goffice gdict"
cd ../build-nodebug
../abiword/configure --prefix="/home/msevior/abidir" --enable-debug --enable-plugins="collab abicommand presentation aiksaurus mathview gimp google latex goffice gdict"

Now you make debug and nodebug builds from the same source directory by simply cd'ing into the appropriate build directory and doing "make -j4 install". The upshot of this example is to build my favourite set of plugibs, employ's 4 CPU's in a parallel make and installs abiword into the directory "/home/msevior/abidir/bin". The executable is "/home/msevior/abidir/bin/abiword"

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