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The program has been completed in 2007. The information here is purely informational


Application Form

Google Summer of Code 2007

The closing date for applications is March 26, 2007. Students wishing to work on AbiWord over the 2007 Summer for $USD 4500.00 should follow the steps outlined here.

Martin, uwog, hub and dom have offered to be mentors for different projects in 2007. Look through our mail archive for their email addresses.

Have a look through our list of projects and choose one you like. Or if you have a great idea that is not listed, describe it in your application and we'll review it.

After that write an application and include the screenshot described below. When you write your application please follow the structure shown below. After you've written the application send it to an AbiWord developer/mentor (Martin (msevior), uwog, hub or dom). Make sure to either include a screenshot in your application email to include a link to your screenshot in your application! After that submit the application via the initial Google link given above.

We require you make a screenshot as described here.

1. Checkout abiword from our cvs repository.

2. Make a debug build of the application. (Pass --enable-debug on the configure line)

3. The file abi/src/wp/ap/xp/ap_EditMethods.cpp is the file that describes the functions that are called from the Graphical User interface.

4. The function "fileInsertGraphic" is called when the user chooses to insert a picture. Just before returning, add a debug statement:

UT_DEBUGMSG(("Image has been inserted!!\n"))

5. Take a screenshot of the debug output from abiword showing this statement has executed.

6. Attach a png image of this screenshot to your application email or post the screenshot on the web somewhere and include a link to it in your application.

Application Structure



               Where can we contact you?

        *Project Title:*


        A short description.

        *Benefits to the AbiWord (and/or other) project(s):*


               Quantifiable results e.g. At the end of my project, "AbiWord's piece table will be 50 times faster for 300 page documents."

       *Project Details:*

               A more detailed description.

        *Project Schedule:*

               How long will the project take? When can you begin work?


               Who are you? What makes you the best person to work on this project?

       *Amount Requested:*

(Put in $4500.00)

       *Screenshot of debug output*
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