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About Ryan Pavlik

I have been involved in AbiWord for about six years now, and participated in the Google Summer of Code with AbiWord in 2007 (porting AbiCollab to Windows) and 2008 (redesigning the Styles interface). Professionally, I have done technology (networking, hardware, software, web) and communication (visual design, web design, usability) consulting, as well as taking a full university course load, for the past several years. I recently graduated from St. Norbert College with a B.S. in Computer Science, Math, and Spanish, and will be starting as a student in the Ph.D. program in Human-Computer Interaction at Iowa State University in the fall of 2009.

What I Do in AbiWord

I am the maintainer of the Win32 port and produce the most popular binaries on the AbiWord site - the Windows installer files. I am also interested in the Maemo port, working on coordinating some efforts to improve its packaging and our relations with the Internet Tablet Talk user community. Recently, I began packaging a build of AbiWord for use in Ubuntu, which we hope will be incorporated into the main distribution. In the spring of 2009, as I finished up my degree, I went a little bit MIA, but am happy to be increasing my presence in the AbiWord community once again.

How To Contact Me

  • On Internet Tablet Talk: I'm megabyte405.
  • In Bugzilla, you'll see a messy email starting with cezpi4y02.
  • Elsewhere, I go by abiryan, with the domain name being that of my company,
    • (You now have enough information to email me, though I recommend against it since if something concerns me, it probably concerns the community in general and would be best shared on the user or development mailing lists. Personal email, unless you're really, really sure it's interesting only to me, like if you have a lot of money you'd love to give me or have an exciting opportunity to offer that doesn't involve money laundering, will probably be discarded or caught in the spam filter. Sorry!)

Elsewhere on "The Tubes"...

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