Re: Spell checker.

Subject: Re: Spell checker.
From: Keith Powell (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 14:51:07 CDT

Hello Dom.

Many thanks for your reply.

In your reply to my query about not being able to get Abiword to recognise a
British dictionary for spell checking, you wrote:

> You might want to recompile with Pspell support built in
> (

I have downloaded Pspell-12.1.tar.gz from sourceforge, but don't know what to
do next. Please could you give me some more help? How do I compile Abiword
with Pspell support? Do I still use the same GTK version as before, and do I
still use the Abiword RPM file. I haven't a clue as it is something I
haven't tried before. I have installed programs with a tar.gz extension, but
nothing like this. I can't find Pspell mentioned on the Abiword web site at

Do I need anything else apart from the Pspell.tar.gz file, as the manual says
something about needing other modules. I have read the manual several times,
but as yet I don't understand it!

When I have got Abiword with the Pspell support, do I use the British.hash
file? The manual says that I need a *.pwli file. Where do I get them from and
are they a replacement for the .hash file?

I am sorry to trouble you, Dom, but as you can see, I am completely confused
with what to do - a state which is very easy for me to get into.

Best wishes, and very many thanks for any help you or any others on the list
can give me.


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