Version for Redhat 7.1 broken

Subject: Version for Redhat 7.1 broken
From: Tim Gray (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 19:12:08 CDT

You guys need to label the .9.2 version for redhat as NOT RH7.1
Cince it needs some obscure GAL library that does not come with 7.1 or
appears there after an upgrade to all patches that are available from

Also I strongly reccomend placing a link to any required library that is
not in a current distro with warning that they are needed....

I really hope that switching to this newer library was worth it, as I'm
probably going to lose several new converts to linux and abiword because
of it. I am currently trying to assess the situation to see if I need to
reccomend that no-one does any upgrades or downloads of abiword in the
company or in the LUG here until it becomes stable again in regards to
using non-standard libraries.

Nice job making abiword look really bad guys...

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