Re: Version for Redhat 7.1 broken

Subject: Re: Version for Redhat 7.1 broken
From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 03:57:12 CDT

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Gray <> writes:

Tim> You guys need to label the .9.2 version for redhat as NOT RH7.1
Tim> compatable. Cince it needs some obscure GAL library that does
Tim> not come with 7.1 or appears there after an upgrade to all
Tim> patches that are available from redhat.

Tim> Also I strongly reccomend placing a link to any required library
Tim> that is not in a current distro with warning that they are
Tim> needed....

Tim> I really hope that switching to this newer library was worth it,
Tim> as I'm probably going to lose several new converts to linux and
Tim> abiword because of it. I am currently trying to assess the
Tim> situation to see if I need to reccomend that no-one does any
Tim> upgrades or downloads of abiword in the company or in the LUG
Tim> here until it becomes stable again in regards to using
Tim> non-standard libraries.

Tim> Nice job making abiword look really bad guys...

Why, thank you. We do our best. Glad you appreciate it.


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