[Fwd: [patch] xhtml image export and other tweaks]

Subject: [Fwd: [patch] xhtml image export and other tweaks]
From: Randy Kramer (rhkramer@fast.net)
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 23:36:27 CDT

Just for everybody's information who expressed an opinion:

Randy Kramer

attached mail follows:

Hey Guys,

This patch implements the relative path in a separate directory feature
for the xhtml export, by popular demand. :) It also fixes the bug
whereby pictures weren't correctly ordered in the exported file and
tweaks a few things in both the importer and exporter.

Note that this is a tar file - there are several new files added which
simply implement a single utility function across platforms:

        const char* basename(const char* path);

which, given a path, such as "/home/foo/file.ext", returns a pointer to
the base name, in this case, "file.ext". The files in the tar file
extract into the appropriate directories if you are in the parent of the
abi directory. Otherwise, be careful when extracting. :) Platform
maintainers may want to look at their version for path standard

Take care,


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