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Subject: Re: Abisuite databases
From: NW (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 06:18:08 CDT

In reply to Thomas Wickline

Part of my letter

> >
> > So to answer the question above, why re-invent the wheel?
> >
> > Well that is the point, I am not asking for another database of the same
> > type as Postgresql et al. I am asking for a monolithic type database
> > similar to Access and Paradox which, as far as I can see, does not yet
> > exist in Linux. And, IMHO, it is something that is desperately needed if
> > we are to move more (ordinary, non-technical) users across to Linux.

His reply

> I must say I agree with you 100 % !!
> So are you asking them to start on a ***Nice easy to use **** GUI front-end ?
> and select between MySQL and PostgreSQL as the best back-end ?
> If they had a product that was even close to Paradox they would blow the other
> open source offering's away ......

Thanks for agreeing with me. No, I was not thinking of simply creating a
GUI front end to Postgresql or whatever. This has been done already in
some cases, but because it is an add-on it will never work as well as
the monolithic type programs where everything is written to integrate
properly. I am asking for a monolithic type of database, like Access or
Paradox, probably written from scratch. The point is that everything
that is needed to create the database *and* to set up a proper GUI for
the user should already be present in the package.

The writers of the Koffice suite obviously realise this. Although, as
usual, the database looks to be the last one to be written, they have at
least said that they plan to create an Access type program. I would love
to see Abisuite get there first.

Neil Winchurst

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