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Subject: Re: Abisuite databases
From: John H. Raines, Jr. (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 07:55:28 CDT

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> Well that is the point, I am not asking for another database of the same
> type as Postgresql et al. I am asking for a monolithic type database
> similar to Access and Paradox which, as far as I can see, does not yet
> exist in Linux. And, IMHO, it is something that is desperately needed if
> we are to move more (ordinary, non-technical) users across to Linux.

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I'm not sure "Abisuite" exists anymore within the original plan. Possibly the site should be updated to indicate the current state of the project which is that Abiword is the surviving project and is part of the "Gnome Office" project. Of all the Gnome projects, indeed of all the open source projects, Abiword is one of the most elegant with a great Word-processing system with substantial cross platform capabilities. Few Open source projects have these capabilities.

Alas, though, with the demise or departure ( I guess) of the original support organization, development of the Abisuite is in the far, far future, if ever. Gnome, however does have an integrated DB system, called, surprisingly enough, Gnome DB. Actually it is 2 parts, a Data structure which is a GNU project & a Gnome front end.

I really can't speak for the Abiword developers, but given that Gnome office has a suite of office applications under active development & Abiword is an official part of this Gnome office suite, its hard to imagine that there is a lot of motivation to tackle projects that Gnome already has pretty far along. Check out these two sites for more info. Data Base: and Gnome Office:

J. Raines

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