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Subject: Re: Abisuite databases
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Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 06:49:21 CDT

Further to my last letter,

For the last 12 years or so I have spent a lot of time writing databases
for small companies and charities. (For example, a herbalist, an estate
agent and an animal rescue centre). I use Paradox for Windows which,
like Access, is of a type of program known as monolithic. This means
that everything needed is included in the package, there is no need to
find any add-on programs to provide any extras.

Besides the database engine itself, there are graphical programs to
create tables, relationships, forms, queries, reports etc, the whole
structure. It includes also all the tools necessary to set up a GUI for
the eventual users. It's all there in the one package. A programming
language is also included so that I can customise the structure for my
clients. (Access includes visual basic, Paradox has its own database

By the way, Paradox was written by Borland, the company which invented
SQL. It now belongs to Corel.

When I moved across to Linux from Windows about two years ago I started
looking for a database program similar in type to Paradox. I was hoping
to move some of my clients across to a decent OS. I am still looking.

Yes, there are some powerful, free databases available, eg Postgresql,
but they are client-server type and do not include a GUI. This is fine
for programmers and other computer experts. My clients, and, I suggest,
the vast majority of potential users of Linux, are *not* experts. They
just want to use a database to get a job done. I cannot imagine their
response if I told them that they had to learn SQL in order to use their
nice new database. They take a nice, easy to use, GUI for granted.

This is why I am asking the Abisuite developers to create a monolithic
type database as part of the suite, in the Paradox or Access style. Do
not waste time creating one like Postgresql or Mysql. That's been done
already. Create a Paradox style database and you will have a real winner
on your hands. At the moment there is simply no competition.

However, be warned that Koffice will eventually include a database, last
on the list as usual. It is planned to be like Access so those
developers have spotted the gap in the market. Don't let them get in

Please, Abi developers, don't let this golden opportunity slip away.

Neil Winchurst

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