Re: Abisuite databases

Subject: Re: Abisuite databases
From: Linas Jakucionis (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 08:01:03 CDT

Dear abi word users,

Here is some information about the database stuff.

The database type application for KOffice is called Rekall and it is
currently being developed by "The Kompany" and

This DB application will use one of many SQL engines available.
Current beta version supports (monolitic) dbf files, mysql and

It is currently almost usable. There are a reports designer, forms
designer, and the scripting language Python included in the

I believe the 1st version will be released early next year.

> However, be warned that Koffice will eventually include a database,
> last on the list as usual. It is planned to be like Access so those
> developers have spotted the gap in the market. Don't let them get in
> first.

sorry about posting if it of no interest to anyone of you, i just
wanted to clarify the current situation...

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