freedom of choice

Subject: freedom of choice
From: Francesco Tomba (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 06:42:11 CDT

I first of all must say that I perfectly agree whith Stracchino's view:
though he's called like a northern Italian cheese, he shows more reason than
most of us.

> For heaven's sake, *why not make it a preference setting*???? Provide the
> functionality to do any of the three, and let the users pick which way
> they want their copy to behave. Since there's obviously wide difference
> of opinion about this, trying to force everyone into a one-size-fits-all,
> box is just going to drive away those for whom it doesn't.

My point is that (take it as a subjective impression from a newbie) Abiword
has a basic bug, which it shares with other gnome applications (notably
Gnumeric): it is too strict in its behaviour.
I'm experiencing it with its font requirement while initializing (do you
know, the old "Times New Roman....") - but I'll write widely about the font
topic only when I have tried all the solutions I can think of.

Am I simply wrong?
I'd like to know what you think about it.

Francesco Tomba

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